In those patients who are looking for a softer shape for their calves, the use of BOTULINUM TOXIN may be the perfect option. It is a non-invasive procedure in which we directly administer a series of sessions with BOTULINUM TOXIN on the muscles. With these Botox infiltrations on the muscle to be treated, we are able to reduce the contractile activity of the muscle and therefore it will become less bulky over time. The desired effects with BOTULINUM TOXIN are temporary, allowing the patient to "see" the result and thus be able to consider a permanent treatment in the future if desired.

BOTULINUM TOXIN is an injectable medication directly into the muscles. This medication decreases the contractile activity of the muscle. It is a therapy known for its use on the muscles of the face (especially the forehead and around the eyes) reducing expression lines that have already become fixed. If we inject it into the calf muscles it works the same way but the approach is on a large scale. We selectively deactivate the muscles that we want to attenuate and, therefore, decrease in volume by ceasing to contract with the same intensity as before the injection. Furthermore, the movement of the calf is not restricted and therefore functional loss is not necessary. The effects of BOTULINUM TOXIN injection are not permanent. They last between 3 and 6 months and allow the patient to get an idea of how esthetically improving the proportions of the calves. From here you can consider another treatment that is permanent.

At the García Paricio Institute, the first step of any calf reduction is a first visit. In it, the doctor will understand what your goals are in order to know which treatment is the most appropriate to your expectations. To schedule a visit with the doctor, contact the Institute by phone, WhatsApp or mail.


The BOTOX injection usually produces very little discomfort, and if the patient requests it, anesthetic cream can be applied to reduce the discomfort of the injections. Patient comfort is very important to us and we will make sure that you have everything you need for a fast, comfortable and effective treatment.

For those patients who have already experienced the use of BOTOX on the forehead or orbital area, the application on the calf muscles is a very similar experience. Doctors infiltrate the drug mainly into the twin muscles (called gastrocnemius) that are mainly responsible for the bulky and disproportionate calves. The duration of a BOTOX session on the calves lasts approximately one hour.


Since there are several treatments to reduce calves, it is helpful for patients to understand the benefits of each one. No two cases are the same. In some cases the doctor decides to combine two different therapies in the same patient. Any decision will be agreed between Dr. García Paricio and the patient. Here are some of the most important advantages:

  • No scar
  • Immediate recovery (no withdrawal period)
  • Define and decrease calf volume
  • Non-invasive procedure


The Institute is the result of the sum of a long experience in the world of aesthetic plastic surgery but also, and this differentiates it, from the world of reconstructive plastic surgery of the highest level. The sum of these two branches of the specialty allows us to offer truly unique approaches, techniques and results. Furthermore, we have specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery of the lower limb, obtaining an absolutely privileged experience and vision in this field of human anatomy. Request an interview with the doctors through our phone numbers, whatsApp or e-mail.


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