For any woman, the calves have a special aesthetic significance. In some cases the volume is correct but, on the contrary, the definition of the muscles is too marked and aggressive. In other cases, the total volume is too large and extends to the ankle without a clear definition of the areas.

It is what we know as calves in “champagne bottle”. Whatever the situation, calf reduction can help patients achieve the definition, smoothness and femininity they have always wanted. In our Institute we have developed 5 methods of calf reduction depending on the patient. From the subtle decrease in calf volume to the radical improvement in calves that are clearly hypertrophic and disproportionate to the rest of the body. Results, individualization and minimal invasion are a priority in all procedures. Our team will make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the procedure that will give you the best results.

Before performing any treatment, the patient enters a protocol created by Dr. García Paricio in which clinical, imaging, functional anthropometric, neurological, electrophysiological and analytical studies are carried out. This protocol places us at a higher level from a medical point of view at the international level and allows us to precisely select candidate patients, avoiding those who suffer a medical condition and who would not benefit from surgical treatment. It also allows us to plan the interventions with greater precision.


Botulinum toxin type A, used successfully in thousands of patients to attenuate expression lines, has a clear use here in reducing muscle volume in those patients with mild calf muscle hypertrophy and a very lean appearance, or that is, with very little adipose tissue (fat).

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By selective neurectomy of the calf muscles we can achieve a reduction of the same through a selective atrophy of the muscle fibers.

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The selective muscle elimination technique designed by Dr. Daniel García Paricio produces hitherto unknown and immediate results in the shape of the calf.

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The use of adipose tissue (fat) today is a basic tool in Plastic Surgery. Dr. García Paricio and his team have long experience in the grafting of adipose tissue to shape and give volume, as well as its removal to correct deposits that deteriorate the harmony of the body.

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In the Leg Reduction Unit of the Dr. Daniel García Paricio Institute, we have developed a unique diagnostic protocol to ensure that, first, the patient is a suitable candidate for medical-surgical treatment, and, second, the patient is a candidate for muscle remodeling. In the Leg Reduction Unit we have created a unique protocol in which Neurologists, Radiologists and Neurophysiologists participate to rule out those patients who are not safe candidates for this type of advanced treatment. Through a battery of analytical, imaging and neurophysiological tests, we select patients who are candidates for our treatments, ensuring an optimal aesthetic and functional result and, most importantly, ruling out neuromuscular pathology that could be responsible for an aesthetic alteration of the leg muscles. This protocol has been endorsed by the different specialists of the Teknon Medical Center, and it is pioneering just like the techniques used in the Leg Reduction Unit.


Because the legs are one of the most visible parts of a woman's body, it is very important that patients choose highly qualified and experienced physicians in the field of muscle reshaping surgery. These procedures cannot be performed by just any surgeon since they need a complete training in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery that only a job at the hospital level can provide. Dr Daniel García Paricio has served as a senior deputy plastic surgeon to the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Services at the third level Hospitals Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, first, and Hospital de Sant Pau de Barcelona finally. This professional journey has allowed him to perform thousands of interventions in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and in collaboration with other Services such as Traumatology, thus broadening his perspective on the anatomy and musculoskeletal function. As a result of a complete training, the first Unit specialized in leg reduction and remodeling surgery was born in Spain with the improvement of existing techniques as well as the design of new ones.

Since calf reduction and reshaping is an important decision, we encourage you to request all the necessary information so that you can take it with full conviction. For our part, we will take all the time necessary to ensure that you have enough knowledge to guarantee the success of the treatment. The patients most satisfied with our treatments have been those who have asked the most and who have been informed the most. Our sole objective is to guide you and help you solve a medical problem that affects many patients. It will be a pleasure to assist you in our consultation at the prestigious Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona.


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