While bulky calves are due in 70% of cases (type III) to a pure excess or hypertrophy of their muscles, there are 25% of cases (type II) in which it is mixed (muscle / fat) and a 5% (type I) of cases in which excess adipose tissue (fat) is predominant in the genesis of limb disharmony.


Liposuction is the ultimate procedure in removing fat deposits that cannot be treated in any other way. In the Leg Reduction and Remodeling Unit we use Hydroliposuction or Aquasuction, which as its main advantage minimally traumatizes deep tissues with practically non-existent bleeding, which reduces subsequent inflammation, the risk of bruising and accelerates the recovery of the patient. In addition, the cannulas used have been specially designed by Dr. García Paricio and have the particularity of having a small diameter and an “on-row” design of their orifices so that the muscle injury at the time of liposuction is minimal, which It is essential if we want to implement liposuction by remodeling the muscle in the same surgical time.

Advantages of Aquasuction

  • Calves in "Champagne Bottle"
  • Blurring of the Achilles tendon area
  • Thick ankles

In the Leg Reduction and Remodeling Unit of the Dr. Daniel García Paricio Institute we understand that liposuction to reduce and reshape the calves is an important decision. For that reason we try to explain and educate potential patients before they make a decision. We do not try to “sell” the latest procedures but to educate patients so that they can autonomously make the most convenient decision for them. Through an initial consultation, which can be face-to-face or by videoconference, all your doubts will be solved. We will then implement the unique protocol created in our Leg Reduction and Remodeling Unit to prepare patients and design the surgery.


This technique is very useful both to reduce the volume of the calf and to harmonize the entire lower limb through liposuction, also in the same process of the thighs if required. The previous morphological study will determine if the patient will also benefit from a liposuction of the thighs which, together with the treatment of the calf, will provide a much more global, definitive and satisfactory result.

Liposuction is performed through incisions in the skin on the area to be treated of only 4mm. By infiltrating the “jet” of serum rich in sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium lactate, adipose tissue is prepared to be eliminated with the least alteration of the internal balance and the least bleeding. The "on row" cannulas designed by Dr. García Paricio allow greater control of the muscle tissues that should not be damaged and also facilitate the extraction of less traumatic fat thus allowing the use of this fat for grafting if necessary.


It is used from full to local anesthesia depending on the type of calf (I, II or II). In the case of being performed under local anesthesia, we apply an anesthetic cream to the area 20 minutes before to minimize the discomfort of the infiltration of local anesthesia.


There are numerous methods to reduce legs. Each of them can be combined in each individual patient. Depending on your characteristics, one method may be more beneficial than another. In some cases, Dr. García Paricio combines 2 or more techniques in the same patient to achieve the best results. An interview at the Leg Reduction and Remodeling Unit of the Dr. Daniel García Paricio Institute in Barcelona will determine which method is best suited to your case. The advantages of liposuction are as follows:

  • Permanent result
  • Minimal scars
  • Very effective procedure in the treatment of wide ankles
  • Quick recovery without limitation of leg function


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