The result will be excellent if we all take care of your body once the intervention is carried out. The body is wise but it needs extra help to complete full recovery ad integrum.


We will give you a series of instructions so that the postoperative period is accurate and we never have to improvise. Before the surgery you should already be familiar with these indications so that you do not have an added job later. Obviously, any questions that may arise would be immediately solved by our team in the Leg Reduction Unit.

For our patients from outside Barcelona who remain in the Residence attached to the Leg Reduction Unit, we have developed a specific monitoring and action protocol.

  • 24 hours communication
  • Spacious rooms with privacy
  • Integrated kitchen to feel at home and give all the importance it has to nutrition
  • Just 5 minutes by car from our offices in Teknon Medical Center
  • Residential area in the best area of Barcelona (Pedralbes neighborhood) to be able to rest and isolate yourself from noise and stress typical of big cities


As soon as we have programmed you to perform a leg reduction, we will give you instructions with a diet and activities that we recommend to face the intervention in optimal physical and mental conditions. Give up alcohol and tobacco consumption 3 weeks prior to the intervention to improve the state of the tissues and accelerate the recovery process. We will also indicate the substances that you should not take because they can promote bleeding, ecchymosis (bruises) and edema (inflammation). We have a list of natural products that can replace this medication.

A good home organization is very important:

  • Leave the clothes that you are going to use in the next few days ready.
  • Organize everything related to your pets.
  • Make the purchase for the next few weeks of healthy foods (non-animal protein or blue fish, fruit rich in vitamin C, nuts, vitamin supplements of vegetable origin, omega 3 tablets, soluble collagen, soluble soy protein, etc.) plenty of fluids, and basic medical supplies (gauze, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs, paper tape) and the postoperative medication that we will indicate.
  • As you will spend a lot of time stretched out on the sofa or in bed, check the optimal state of your pillows, sheets, nightwear, etc.
  • Keep ice in the freezer in case your doctor recommends it to apply on your legs.
  • And don't forget to have enough movies, books, magazines, and your favorite music on hand to make the postoperative as pleasant as possible.
  • If you do not have a partner or cannot accompany you, think that it is almost essential that someone be by your side, especially the first week after the intervention.

In the Leg Reduction Unit of the Dr. Daniel García Paricio Institute, our relationship with you does not end once the treatment has been carried out. We will be at your disposal whenever you need us and especially during the recovery process.


If you want a consultation with the Dr.
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